The Nature Journal Workshop

Missed my 45-minute workshop where I showed you my easy steps to start connecting with nature and producing a beautiful journal?

No problem. The replay is ready!

Join me in my studio in south east Cornwall – and we’ll uncover the wonderful world of engaging our senses and recording nature in instinctive ways.

Ready to watch the replay?

Make a brew, grab a pencil and paper, and we can begin…

Interested in joining The 28 Day Nature Journal Workshop?


I’m Sian and I love producing colour from nature.

A warm welcome from me! I’m going to introduce you to the wonderful world of nature connection through journalling and craft practices that engage all of the senses.

With a family history in textiles, it’s no surprise to find me working with cottons and silks every single day… although I didn’t know the full extent of this history when I started out. I just knew I was in the right place.

And I hope you will too, once you get started.

There is something very satisfying and soulful about working with nature, and producing colour from nature. My journey as a botanical dyer has led me on an adventure in colour over the last 10 years, born from a love of textiles, colour and the environment – and a desire to create something unique.

My plant-dyed ribbons have been featured in the Universal Films costume drama ‘Emma’, in weddings and events around the world, and in MAKE: Cornwall book.

I love to use ancient recipes of natural plant based colours, infused with romance and a little bit of magic, to create colours from the landscape and changing seasons.

I hope that by joining me you will be touched by this magic and experience the joy that connecting with nature can bring.

There is so much to discover – both in The 28 Day Nature Journal Challenge as well as inside my Natural Dye Journal Subscription.

I can’t wait to share my easy steps to start a nature journal from scratch.

Grab a cuppa and join me!