Tea, Turmeric and Onion Skins: A Beginners Guide to Botanical Dyes from your Kitchen (Digital Download)

This Digital Beginners Guide to Natural Dyeing will get you started on a journey exploring making botanical colour for cloth from ingredients in your own kitchen.

It’s fun, simple to start, and yes, ANYONE can do it!

People often think that botanical dyeing is really complicated and messy  but I’m here to tell you that it is a great way to connect with nature, take some time for yourself, and create colour on textiles in a soulful way.

The Guide covers:

  • Health and Safety Information
  • A list of basic equipment that you will need
  • A glossary of terms – helping to keep things simple and free of jargon
  • Dye bath recipes for Tea, Turmeric and Onion Skins and more
  • Tips and ideas
  • My personalJournal Notes pages which I use to keep notes and record results

Enjoy, experiment and keep it simple, and soon you will be botanical dyeing.