The 10 Day Nature Journal Workshop

Welcome to 10 days of community and accountibility as we work together to get more connected to nature, feel a sense of calm, and produce something beautiful and unique.

As soon as you sign up you will have access to our private Facebook Group, and to the workshop introduction and Module 1. The course will go live on 26th July 2024, but you will retain access for as long as you like to the resources.

But not just that – you have 28 days worth of prompts, learning material and inspiration, probably even more in fact, enought to keep you going throughout your Nature Journalling journey.

In this workshop, you will get:

10 days of accountibility

2 live meet ups

Private Facebook Group

Module 1:

The History of Nature Journal and Phenology Wheels, inspiration, reading lists, equipment, getting started

Module 2:

Explore different ways of making colour from nature through ink and natural dyes making

Module 3:

Expanding ideas for your Nature Journal, from flower pressing to mark making

I can’t wait to cheer you on on this soulful journey, so that you can be part of a wonderful community of like minded people, sharing our results and ideas and learning more about nature and craft.