Kitchen Study Notes

The Kitchen Study Notes are beautifully presented and researched, covering plants, recipes and inspiration fom your own kitchen cupboard. As well as detailed research, there are also plenty of pages for you to make your own guided notes, and even a ‘chemistry’ experiement with red cabbage (not a dye in itself).

These Notes make a great way to start or continue your natural dyeing journey, learning new techniques in a slow and mindful way.


What’s inside?

🌱 Equipment List

🌱 Glossary of terms – understand phrases like mordant and WOF (Weight of Fibre)

🌱 Simple recipes for creating a dye bath with onion, tea, coffee, turmeric and mint

🌱 BONUS content – Red Cabbage as a pH indicator

🌱 Beautifully laid out pages to make your own notes and stick in samples

Here is what people are saying:

“The Study Notes make the dyeing process satisfying, enjoyable and above all a useful process”

β€œThe instructions are rerally organised with space to put samples in – it feels very professional.”

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